BSP Driver Development Engineer
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1. Responsible for/participate in the requirements analysis, design, development and debugging and performance optimization of each software functional module of the SoC chip reference design (ReferenceDesign) platform.

2. Responsible for the driver development, debugging and optimization of the Bootloader (U-Boot/LK) and Linux kernel of the SoC platform.

3. Responsible for system stability/performance tuning/power consumption tuning/security of the SoC platform.


1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics/computer/automation related major, with at least 3 years of relevant working experience.

2. Proficient in C/C++ programming.

3. Proficient in using Linux operating system and Git code management.

4. Familiar with embedded development technology under ARM/ARM64 and other platforms, with strong system development and debugging capabilities.

5. Familiar with Linux driver development, with a working background in a chip company is preferred.

6. Familiar with Linux kernel process scheduling, memory management, interrupt management, file system, and practical experience in kernel optimization is preferred.

7. Familiar with GPU, power consumption optimization, display driver, system stability analysis, performance tuning is preferred.

8. Have strong communication skills and good teamwork spirit.