GuanYun 9000
GuanYun 9000

GuanYun 9000 - Enterprise Class High-Performance CPU

The GuanYun 9000 series high-performance processors are built by M2 Semiconductor for enterprise level customers. Bringing together the industry-leading process, ultra-low power technology, and advanced chiplet design methodology, it can provide enterprise-level customers with application specific, high performance, high energy efficiency, and highly reliable computational solution.  

Public CloudData CenterArtificial IntelligenceBig DataCloud Gaming

   Key Features:

Advanced Process, Extremely High Performance

Empowered with industry-leading process, the product is outstanding as extremely high performance. Applicable for multi-scenario enterprise level server, such as cloud service, AI, big data etc. 



Excellent Power Efficiency 

Implemented with ultra-low power technology, excellent in  energy efficiency. Lower 

power consumption brings many advantages such as computational density and the 

operating cost. As the carbon neutrality and carbon peaking becomes the overall goal 

of the whole society, energy efficiency has become a key performance indicator for data center construction.

Stable, Reliable, Available

Enterprise-level RAS support, in terms of error detection, data correction, problem 

logging, exception handling, area marking, dynamic degradation, etc. Fully committed 

availability, reliability, sustainability of service.



Scalable Chiplet Design

Chiplet design methodology enables fast and flexible combination of chip function 

blocks to address different application. A variety of terminal products could be made 

quicker than before, which can satisfy high, middle and low end needs.